The electron shell of unoctbium
Chemical properties
Name, symbol, number: unoctbium, Uob, 182
Element category: Eka-superactinide
Group, period, block: N/A, 9, g
Standard atomic weight: [502][1]
Electron configuration: [Uho] 6g127d108p69s2


Phase: Unknown
Density (near r.t.): Unknown
Melting point: Unknown
Boiling point: Unknown
Oxidation states: Unknown
Atomic radius: Unknown
Discoverer None of as yet
Location discovered None of as yet
Date discovered None of as yet

Unoctbium, also known as eka-untribium or element 182, is the temporary name of a hypothetical superheavy chemical element in the periodic table in the eka-superactinide series that has the temporary symbol Uob and has the atomic number 182. In the periodic table of elements, it is a g-block element. As of 2012, no attempt has been made to synthesize this element.


Currently, unoctbium goes under a systematic temporary element name. Since it is very far in the periodic table and has never been synthesized, very little is known about this element. It is also probable that, due to drip instabilities, only the lighter superactinides are physically possible and the periodic table may end soon after the island of stability expected to be centered at element 126.[3]


Unoctbium is a temporary IUPAC systematic element name derived from the digits 182. Research scientists usually refer to the element simply as element 182.


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